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EduCrypt is dedicated to shaping the future of the world by enabling online educators and content creators to embrace the power of AI to revolutionize the eLearning platform. Formed in 2023, EduCrypt has the trust of various clients located worldwide to develop an AI-enabled eLearning platform powered by DRM security.

EduCrypt is a one-stop eLearning platform that enables educators and creators to provide an interactive learning experience to users. More than 1000 educreators trust us to get our best-in-class services like growth management, platform development, SAAS-based app development, content hosting, sharing, & streaming, etc.

Who Are We?

EduCrypt is India's most trusted eLearning platform popular for enabling educreators and content creators to provide an unmatchable learning experience to students using our comprehensive eLearning platform. This platform helps to unlock their potential and maximize their impact by providing a wide range of tools and resources. We help content creators in distributing high-quality eLearning content worldwide by increasing their reach and helping them bring their ideas to life.


Our Vision

Let's shape the future of education by building a brighter tomorrow!

We want a future where education is easily accessible to all, regardless of geographical location. So we are empowering content creators by providing them with a robust eLearning platform to reach a global audience and create impactful educational experiences.

Our Mission

We aim to empower content creators and educreators to leverage the new-age tools and resources of our AI-enabled eLearning platform to excel in this digital learning landscape. With a user-friendly interface, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive support, we enable content creators to make a positive impact in the field of online education.


Our Core Values

We are guided by our core values which define who we are and how we work to ensure that all our customers stay ahead of the curve through the groundbreaking technologies used to develop an AI-enabled eLearning application.



We deliver high-quality, functional and reliable eLearning apps filled with various features that function properly on all devices having Android, iOS and Web operating systems.



We help content creators and educreators embrace new technologies and trends using our innovative eLearning app to secure success in this competitive digital age.



We build trust among our customers by frequently communication with them to enhance credibility and reliability. This starts by informing clients about the progress of their projects.

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